Frequently Asked Questions

Question. Hey, how long have you girls been doing stuff like this?

Answer. As Panty Girls, we've been selling panties, socks, pantyhose, bath water, wash cloths, pics and videos, and other stuff, for the past 8 years. We have over 500 positive reviews at one site! is our new venture and we hope it will be as successful as the rest of our online activities!

Question. What if I want to cancel? Is that a hassle?

Answer. No! We understand that some places make you call and plead and hassle. We make it simple. Just log in, and on your Account page, click "Cancel" and you won't be charged again. Promise!

Question. All the girls are pretty? Can you arrange to have me meet one of them?

Answer. No, sorry, that will never happen. We have to protect the identities of all the girls. This is all about fantasy. You can fantasize as much as you want, but, you cannot take it to the next step.

Question. I like used panties. What would be the best level of membership for me?

Answer. That's easy, you want the Ultimate X Plan. Why? It's $49.95 per month and with that you get two pair of panties ($20 each x 2 = $40) plus FREE SHIPPING (normally $6 plus $2 for the second pair = $8) worth $48.00 total. So that means that you get full access to this site for $1.95/month when you factor in the panties. How's that for a AMAZING deal?!