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FANtastic! You’re a fan of one of the girls? Well, you’re in the right place. All of the girls are adorable, but you’ve got a special crush and I can’t blame you. I wish I could build a huge house and have every one of them live with me!

So, for the low cost of $9.95 each month, you’ll gain access to her Fan Page. EACH DAY you’ll get to see a new photo from her, and, several times a month, you’ll get to read her blog where she’ll detail her sexual exploits and other parts of her life. You’ll also be able to buy things from her, like, worn panties, worn socks, and other things too. You'll have access to FREE SEX STORIES too.  All this for only about 33 cents per day.

NOTE: When you choose your girl, she’s yours for the month. You don’t get to change partway through the month. If you want another girl, you’ll have to pay separate for that or wait until the next month. And if you think you might want to be a Fan for more than one girl, you should go to our BIG FAN page, where you get access to ALL 40+ girls for the cost of just 2 girls!

We will discreetly bill you today for $9.95 to your credit card, and then we will bill you 9.95 every 30 days. You may cancel at any time. Simply log in to your account here, and on your account page click “Cancel Billing” and we promise not to bill you again. It’s that simple. We don’t play games. 

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